Elizabeth Quay Public Realm and Inlet Works

ElizabethQuayPublicRealmClient – Leighton Broad
Duration – 2013 to 2016
Location – Perth CBD, WA
Project Description – Elizabeth Quay is a major Western Australian mixed-use development project in the Perth central business district. The project involved the construction of an artificial inlet on what was previously the Esplanade Reserve and modifications to the surrounding environs. This landmark waterfront development reconnects Perth city with the Swan River to create a dynamic new entertainment and leisure precinct.

Ninety Degrees Surveying are proud to have been involved with the development of the Elizabeth Quay Inlet and Public Realm. The initial contract with Leighton Broad involved the provision of a Survey Manager and quickly lead to servicing no less than 12 different contactors over a 3 year period.

Having shown the ability to adapt to constantly changing work fronts under demanding conditions, Ninety Degrees’ core values of reliability, integrity and going the extra mile were never compromised. Elizabeth Quay is the largest scale project Ninety Degrees Surveying has worked on to date.

Survey Manager

Ninety Degrees was initially contracted by Leighton Broad to provide a Survey Manager to the Elizabeth Quay Project in June 2013. Some of the important responsibilities of the Survey Manager included:

  • Installation, establishment, maintenance and monitoring of the Primary Survey Control Network. This also involved the collation of Secondary Survey Control from subcontractors.
  • Management of underground services. This involved establishing and updating a database of all existing and installed services into a 3D model which was made available to all subcontractors on site.
  • Digital Data Management. The project design was based around a series of digital or native files. These were revised regularly and it was important to collate and verify each new drawing revision and distribute to the survey team in the correct formats.
  • Computation of miscellaneous earthworks volumes, progress claim analysis and various material quantity calculations. Complex survey drawings were also created such as cross sections, service clash detection and aerial photo design overlays.

Temporary Bund and Bulk Earthworks

In September 2013, Thiess Services (now Ventia) was awarded the subcontract for the construction of the temporary rock bund and the inlet reclamation. Thiess Services also were awarded the dredging contract and worked with indigenous partner, Ngarda Civil and Mining on the bulk earthworks and drainage packages. Some of the important responsibilities that Ninety Degrees were involved with included:

  • Setout for temporary bund and reclamation works with associated quantities for progress claims.
  • Sewer and Drainage Setout including drafting of asconstructed drawings.
  • Setup and Data Management of Machine Guidance systems for miscellaneous bulk earthworks packages.
  • Data Analysis and hydrographic surveys to assist with the dredging in and around the proposed inlet.


Diaphragm Wall

In February 2014, GFWA commenced the design and construction of the Inlet Wall using cantilevered diaphragm wall technology. The installation of the diaphragm walls was performed over a period of approximately 5.5 months using two excavation rigs. Ninety Degrees were contracted to supply the setting out for the alignment and finished level of the D-Wall guide walls. As-built drawings were also required pre and post pour.

Promenade and Terrace Concrete Works

IMG_1216-smallIn July 2014, Civmec was awarded the civil contract for the promenade and terrace concrete works. The package also included the detailed earthworks component and the supply and installation of the concrete fascia panels. Ninety Degrees were responsible for the following.

  • Calculation and setout for the concrete terracing elements and the complex generation of the promenade finished surface 3d model.
  • Detailed earthworks setout, pre-condition reports and volume variation calculations.
  • Installation of the concrete fascia panels and precast deck units.
  • Construction of capping beams, stairs, hob walls and detailed concrete pours on multiple grades.

Florence Hummerston Kiosk

Clinton Long Project Management (CLPM) commenced the reconstruction of the Florence Hummerston Kiosk in September 2014. Ninety Degrees Surveying were contracted to provide surveying services for the relocation and rebuild of this heritage listed building on the new artificial island.

Artists Edge

In January 2015, Denmac Industries commenced the construction of the Artists Edge that runs along the inlet perimeter at Elizabeth Quay. Ninety Degrees were contracted to set out the positions of the stanchions that the precast edge structure is fixed to. Ninety Degrees also assisted Denmac with the positioning of balustrading, handrails and feature walls.

Self Perform Works

During the second half of the construction period, Leighton Broad self-performed many components of the project. Ninety Degrees were contracted to provide surveying services in the following areas:

  • Calculation and setout for the upper terracing concrete works including detailed earthworks.
  • Calculation of complex 3D models for the final finished paving surface as well as the setout of the intricate patterning of the pavers and the stone terracing.
  • Setout and earthworks quantities for the final inlet excavation. This included the setup, design and data management of machine guidance systems for the “big dig”.
  • Setout and batter control for the rock revetments around the Island and in front of Williams Landing.
  • Setout and Ascon of underground services such as water, sewer, power, and communications.

Piling Works

IMG_0907-smallNinety Degrees was also contracted by GFWA, Walcon, DASSH and EWS to provide setout for marine and land based piling on the Elizabeth Quay project. Some examples of structures that required piling on the project were:

  • Food and Beverage Outlets – FBO4, FBO6 and Florence Hummerston Kiosk
  • Fixed Landing and Short Stay Jetty’s
  • Ferry Canopy
  • Floating Pontoons
  • Pedestrian Bridge Piers and Abutment
  • Inlet Navigation Markers and Duyfken Mooring