About 90°

Ninety Degrees was established in January 2007 and since then has provided exceptional service to the construction industry based on the core principles of reliability, integrity and attention to detail.

Ninety Degrees is a boutique company with directors Joel Blechynden and Andrew Walton maintaining a hands on approach to their business.  Ninety Degrees has a proven track record in providing exceptional service to a broad range of projects throughout Western Australia.

Ninety Degrees has a history of successful large scale projects enabling the best of both world for its clients.  Big project experience with small business service.  This cannot be highlighted any further than its 3 year involvement at Elizabeth Quay, servicing no less than 12 different contractors over this period with survey contract values ranging from thousands to over a million dollars.


Andrew Walton

M: 0417 995 337 E: andrew@ninetydegrees.net.au
andrew-headshot-minAndrew Walton is a founding director of Ninety Degrees Surveying. Andrew is a Licensed Surveyor with a current practicing certificate and is also an accredited Engineering Surveying Professional (ESP-AP).

Andrew has been involved in the surveying industry since 1997, working on a variety of large and small scale projects in the cadastral, construction and engineering fields.  Andrew worked with RM Surveys from 1997 until founding Ninety Degrees with Joel Blechynden in 2007.

Andrew has continued his passion for delivering a high quality product by maintaining a hands on approach to running the company.  He enjoys helping develop the skill set and knowledge base of those around him, whilst always looking for opportunities to grow as a person and as a professional.

“Surveying is one of those industries where unfortunately if you are doing a good job no one will notice you, make a mistake and no one will forget you”Andrew Walton
Joel Blechynden

M: 0415 845 330 E: joel@ninetydegrees.net.au
joel-headshot-minJoel Blechynden is an accredited Engineering Surveying Professional (ESP-AP) and founding director of Ninety Degrees Surveying. Joel graduated from Curtin University in 2000 and has a diverse and extensive wealth of experience gained from projects throughout WA and overseas.

Joel has been involved in a diverse range of construction projects throughout Western Australia. One of Joel’s most rewarding achievements was under the role of Survey Manager on the Elizabeth Quay project for Leighton Broad (now CPB) where he successfully managed a team of 9 direct staff, whilst servicing 12 different contractors over a three year period.

Joel is renowned for his keen eye for detail and a meticulous approach to surveying. His strong work ethic and client first approach has established his strong standing within the industry.